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Let's Get Radical!

It’s here! I FINALLY get to start shouting from the mountaintops about my new RADICAL program! Squeeee!

Wait. What? Radical, Meghan? Are you going all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on me?

Nope. Although, I appreciate the flashback to the TMNT days when pizza eating turtles were the hot shit and the internet wasn’t even a thing, that’s not what I mean.

I’m talking about the “new approach, totally turning our conditioning on its head, and uncharted territory sort of innovation to change the way we do things on a fundamental level” flavor of radical. You see, I’ve been watching the collective be invited into challenge after challenge and awakening after awakening for the past 14 months and what I see now is a whole bunch of folks who have been nudged out of their numbness and walking slumbers into an era of deepened awareness, purpose, and heart-centered calls to action and alignment. . . aaaaand with that, I’m seeing LOTS of folks without the tools and spaces to unpack that new awareness so that it can fully take form in the world!

Soooooo, you KNOW I had the call to create that very space! The School of Sacred Rebellion Collaboratory begins on May 12th, and is officially open for registration as of today! Woo hoo!

And this new paradigm take on a mastermind is, at its core, a community-fueled container of expansion, embodied activism, empowerment, and vast ripples LOVE (like the real deal, world changing love – not the pretendy fluffy stuff).

The Collaboratory is the place to approach creating a NEW world in a completely NEW way. Makes sense, right?!

We’re used to trying to change our lives and the greater world alone.

We’re used to trying to figure everything out alone.

We’re used to getting frustrated and overwhelmed trying to honor what matters most deeply to us alone.

And we’re so blind to our deep conditioning that values independence above all that we don’t seem to really get the fact that the biggest problem in moving forward is that we keep trying to do it all (you guessed it). . . ALONE!

Relationship and community are often the greatest sources of our tender wounding, and the good-bad news is that the most potent healer for much of that pain and trauma is also. . . wait for it. . . COMMUNITY, or as I often refer to it, the almighty “CO.”

CO-mmunity is exponential wisdom.

CO-mmunity is amplified intention.

CO-mmunity is courageoulsy loving, seeing and supporting each other toward our greatest purpose, power, and healing.

We NEED each other, folks.

And we NEED to remember what it’s like to create safe and empowering community so we can spread that healing magic all over the damn place!

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for making it all the way to the end of this long-ish love note/ new paradigm love party invitation.

And thanks for being an awesome human invested in creating more love in the world. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.

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