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Are you ready to make some magic?

Individual & couples Coaching



As a self-proclaimed "nerd for growth" I’ve gathered up ALL sorts of practical + magical tools over the years that I love to sprinkle into my holistic approach. In a session with me you can expect any sort of mix from applied neuroscience and embodied thought-work to energy healing modalities, connecting with ancestors and fine-tuning your intuitive gifts. 

I rely on deeply listening to YOU as well as my own inner/ higher guidance to co-create the custom alchemy that unfolds in each session. I get to be just as much in awe of the custom magic that unfolds in a session as my clients! 

Curious about the parts and pieces that form our magically collaborative coaching containers I create and nurture?

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Somatic Coaching

Because our "stuckness" often lives unconsciously in the body, I almost always integrate some form of somatic (body focused) process to reach deeper truth. The body often holds the guidance that points to our most authentic truth and our most aligned path toward healing, pleasure, abundance and joy. When you come home to your body, you create a sense of inner safety and abundance that naturally begins to ripple outward to create magic in life. 


Intuitive Coaching


As someone who spent many years trying to "be professional", it took me a long time to admit I was an intuitive, but the truth is THAT is actually why so many clients love working with me. We touch on the wisdom beyond the mind, beyond the known stories, and beyond the present moment to connect with possibility, deeper wisdom and true empowered creativity. I bring my own intuitive gifts and guidance and weave them WITH your inner wisdom (yes, you're probably far more intuitive than you realize). The coaching process is ALWAYS collaborative, as THAT is a central part of the magic. It's my role to remind you that YOU are your most powerful guide and healer. . . even when (especially when) you don't feel like it. I hold the container for YOU to unpack and more fully claim YOUR magic. It's there, and it will blow your mind. . . I promise.


Archetypal tools for deeper Self-Understanding

Archetypal tools have existed for a LONG time to help humans compassionately embrace our full-spectrum humanity. Being FULLY human in a world that teaches us to only allow certain parts to come to the party is radical, brave and freeing. These are tools that are meant to liberate you from the boxes that confine you so that you can feel more whole and empowered - they are NOT meant to confine you to any sort of limiting identity. I’ve used archetypal tools for years and find them to be incredibly supportive in deepening understanding of one’s core essence, motivations (and blindspots), and relationship patterns. While I often integrate Human Design as a foundation , I may also feel called to integrate other tools for self-understanding such as Numerology/ Tarot, the Enneagram, and others. 


Intuitive Readings

I often do oracle card readings for clients when I tune into their energy before each session. These readings are not a substitute for your wisdom (ever!), but I find they can be a great, and often very affirming, place to center intentions and curiosity prior to a session. Plus, clients often tell me that the pre-session reading naturally sets the tone for a sense of magic. . . because it's almost ALWAYS "the perfect card!"

Curious? Schedule a clarity call to explore options!

ways to work with me. . . 


collaborative coaching through embodied leadership by design

I'm excited to offer collaborative coaching programs that blend Human Design with Intuitive Embodiment coaching. With this option you get access to TWO amazing coaches and will be guided to shed who you learned you "should" be + be wildly supported in reclaiming the magic of who you REALLY are. . . in work, in relationships, and within every context of your life.

It's pretty magical. 


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So-Magic Deep Dive 

Ready to go deep, get un-stuck, gain clarity & insight or otherwise explore making aligned magic in your life around a certain issue, challenge or question? These 90 minute somatic-intuitive

('So-magic') coaching sessions will support you in connecting and aligning your inner wisdom, your body and your energy WITH your conscious awareness and actions. This session will unfold in a way that will likely feel far easier, more mystical and insightful than you imagined. It's time to stop trying so hard to figure things out and instead create the magical space of listening in order to ALLOW the wisdom you seek to naturally arise. 


I also work with a select number of clients 1:1 for longer term packages. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in exploring a deeper dive.

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Radical Magic Couples Coaching

I work with a VERY limited number of aligned couples each year who are ready to do the brave, vulnerable and deeply transformational work of healing, growing and expanding THROUGH partnership. I love this work, and it is wildly magical. . . for those who are really ready to "go there."


Schedule a free clarity call by clicking the link below to explore this path of radical magic making in partnership.


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