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Composting Fierce Love. . . and ALL the feels.

Y'all, it's been some sacred rage realness over here lately! Like. . . really, really, real! I've been sad, mad, grieving, and practicing deep deep faith in the midst of all of the uncertainty and brutiful feels.

The short version of the story is that I was recently informed that I can no longer use the term Fierce Love in my business name or branding. Evidently, there's only space for ONE coach in the world to use any variation of those two words put together. . . aaaaaand the patriarchal, competitive legal system came to tell me to shut my flavor of fierce love down. Grrrrrrrrr!

So, I felt the feels, fell apart, found my strength and committed to composting the shit outta this situation. . . like I do.

You'll now notice that I'm pivoting like the fierce, faith-full and creative woman I am, and am using this shit sandwich as fertilizer for my own personal and professional glow up. Because y'all, this rage is FUEL!

From now on, y'all will find me standing firmly branded as my OWN DAMN SELF!

Fierce Love Coaching is now Meghan O'Malley Coaching. . . and I'm going to be more fierce than ever moving forward!

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