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The real scoop. . . beyond degrees, trainings and titles.

I spent years of my life mastering the art of selling myself and others on the idea that I was “fine,” playing the role of super achiever (not in a good way. . . the brutal perfectionist way). The truth was that anxious was my normal, achieving was my sense of control, and I was great at hiding my vulnerability.

I’ve been a spiritual adventurer ever since I can remember and have always explored different ways to connect with whatever that benevolent “thing bigger than me” is, and over the years, have grown to appreciate the magical and mysterious nature of faith.

I was an overweight kid, battled my body for years, and thought that I would never feel strong, fit, or beautiful. I’ve birthed a baby, completed a half marathon, and am more fit and appreciative of my body now, in my 40s, than I’ve ever been. Among other things, this has taught me the power of letting go of old stories in order to create new ones.

I have lived in both Spain and Mexico. My travel adventures have helped me connect to my courage and have given me the gift of learning to navigate the unknown with childlike wonder and joy.

My home is a unique mixture of Legos, Star Wars figures, stacks of personal growth and spirituality books, music, dog toys, divination cards, art supplies, singing bowls, and crystals. It's far from perfected Pinterest, but it's happy and real around here.

Acupuncture, reiki, and energy work have taught me things that no words or formal teaching ever could and working consciously with energy is a BIG part of the work I do.

Every day I practice choosing and creating a life that is guided by intuition and trust rather than fear. Some days are easier than others, but I practice every day. Every. Damn. Day.

I admit that “roller skating rink music” (aka, cheesy and often inappropriate hip hop and pop)  is one of my favorite genres. I’m not saying it’s cool, but it’s true and it brings me ridiculous joy.

My mantra for years has been “be the love” in every moment, relationship, and challenge. Owning and living that mantra has changed my life.

I’m a divorced + remarried mom. Both becoming a parent and grieving a failed marriage have taught me more about love than anything else.

I still have hard days, I get sidelined by my inner critic, I make wrong turns and nurse the wounds of failure. . . AND I keep going, knowing that this is a process that never ends; it just gets easier to find my way “home” each time I drift away.


I believe the most important relationship we can cultivate is the one with ourselves.

I believe that the most respectful thing we can do in our relationships with others is to show up painfully honest and real. . . even when it’s awkward or scary.

I believe that our energy and intention speak far louder than words.

I believe the body holds the truth. Period.

I believe that animals can teach us things about love that are too complicated to learn from people.

I believe that humor and play heal.

I believe that relationship can spark powerful changes in life.

I believe in the magical alchemy of community. REAL community.

I believe we are stronger and braver than we realize.

I believe in magic. Real magic. YOUR magic.

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