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New programs will launch in 2023!

I See You. . . 

You've got passion and excitement in your heart. And because of that passion, you're willing to do whatever it takes to nurture your brilliant vision, to share your gifts, and to add something beautiful, needed and meaningful to the world. 

. . . but the truth is, walking YOUR path, navigating the challenges, and taking the necessary leaps of faith can feel a bit. . . well. . . like a LOT!

So, you often find yourself doubling down and working harder, attempting to make the life you've already created feel better, lighter, more soul-feeding. . . yet in your most honest moments, you know a NEW chapter of expansion and magical unknown is calling you.


You feel like you SHOULD be happy with the life you have, but can't deny the "moreness" that's calling to you.

You're in between two chapters of life.

You feel a LOT.


And you're in your head. . . a LOT.

Part of you knows that there's GOT to be an easier, more joyful, more aligned way to do all of this stuff!

You're tired.

And you're putting on a brave and confident face, but the fact is. . . you're OVER it. . .  OVERwhelmed, OVERworking and OVERthinking.

And on those days of less than magical "in your shit-ness" you DON'T attract new business, you DON'T gain clarity about your most brilliantly aligned next steps, and you DON'T feel like you have the energy to do the things that need to be done.

You want to feel enchanted again. . .

Yet. . . 

guess what?

There IS another way!

Most sources are going to tell you to hustle harder, "fake it til you make it" and "follow this formula" to get better results.


The voices we hear are shaped by our dehumanizing + individualistic conditioning.

The advice we most often receive requires us to deny and override our authentic & unique human experiences.

And the message we receive is that we should be able to figure it out logically and all on our own.

THAT approach is NOT very magical.

Let me explain. . . 


. . . like REAL community, not another group of people pretending to have it all together that makes you feel even worse and more alone (insert exasperated eye roll here). Community is about authentic humaning to inspire you, to share hard-earned wisdom and help you get out of your own damn way so that you can live fully, freely, and share your unique voice + purpose in the world! 


AND. . . 

we benefit (greatly) from partnering with MAGIC!

. . . meaning unapologetic connection to intuition, the mystical, and using real tools to work with the magic of the quantum field. Magic. Is. Real. . . and I believe it's the business ally most folks are missing.


If you’re feeling the call to take that leap, up-level your work in the world or receive support in doing what you do without hustle, self-betrayal and the heaviness of "doing it all alone", THIS program will help you move toward your visions. . . in a completely NEW (easier, more pleasurable, and supported) way!

Ok, it sounds great, but WHAT is it actually?

Sounds cool, but still not sure if it's for you? Keep on reading, I've got you!


You don’t feel like there’s anything really wrong in the world, regarding issues of patriarchy and white supremacy culture . . . because the core values of those systems - competition, status, toxic independence, insatiability, scarcity etc.  are how we learn to navigate life and define professional success.

You're new to the growth game. (This is a DEEP dive, so it isn't recommended for newbies)

You aren’t ready to take radical responsibility for YOUR life by diving fully into the "brutiful" process of de-conditioning in order to expand into magical possibilities. 

You're more invested in succeeding with the definitions of success you've been taught than courageously investing in creating a new normal on EVERY LEVEL – personal and collective. 

You're attached to the security of a "plan" and aren't willing to navigate the necessary unknown and courageous alchemy of discovering YOUR unique path, which is far more magical than someone else's "plan".

You aren’t willing to navigate vulnerability, support and openness in community as pathway to positive (and yes, magical) change.  


You are female identifying or non-binary human called to do heart-centered work in the world. 

You are pondering or in the midst of some flavor of
professional expansion, deep reflection or transition.

You're tired to trying to do everything alone when it comes to glowing up your purpose, business,
relationships, craft, bank account or leadership in the world. 

You’ve got a LOT of ideas floating around in your mind, but you haven’t figured out how to translate that insight and purpose into BIG passionate action. 

You can get overwhelmed when it comes to moving forward with the exciting and beautiful things that matter most to your heart – you're tired of feeling SO much passion and inspiration, yet still finding yourself stuck and scared. 

You know you've got to make a change, because the inner tickle has turned to an undeniable pull. You're called forth and you don't quite know what to do with it! 

You're ready to connect deeply to an INCREDIBLE group of humans who will love, inspire and support you in creating magic in your life.If you're still reading this, this MUST be speaking to your soul!  



Community alchemy is central to the magic of this journey. You will gather with your fellow "Radical Magicians" for 24 weekly community calls via zoom over the course of the program that will allow for co-inspiration, coaching, shared wisdom and community fueled growth. 


You'll have access to online coursework (aka magic making toolkit) as well as a a private online community to support you on your magical entrepreneurial journey. . .BUT I won't overload you with too much, as I know we’re all saturated these days – so you'll just get the distilled good stuff to support you most effectively! AND there will of course be fun surprises shared in the community along the way! (because a big part of magic-making is making space for joy, pleasure and FUN!)



You'll receive a custom Human Design chart and an online course to learn how to use that information more so that you can begin to create a path toward your big, beautiful vision that is most efficient, joyful and aligned with YOUR unique human design. 



You'll receive a package of growth-inspiring goodies snail mailed to you in month 2 of the journey. Yay!! I do this with all of my Mystermind groups and it's always so special!



You'll receive a 90 minute individual Quantum coaching deep dive session to be used any time during the journey. These sessions integrate depth coaching with quantum biofeedback technology to support you in balancing the unconscious “stuff” that may be keeping you stuck. 



You'll leave connected to a fiercely loving + deeply connected community of support and inspiration that follows you far and beyond the actual program (y’all are going to fall in love with each other. . . because THAT’S the flavor of space + community I create! And THAT’S why it’s magical!)



$4000 (or $667/ MONTH FOR 6 MONTHS)


*This program is open to ANYONE who identifies as female or non-binary. AND because I believe that diversity is an essential value that supports both inspired community and individual wholeness, if you identify as BIPOC or a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I joyfully invite you to participate in this program at the specially designed “Equity + Diversity Rate” (of $3000 or $500/ month) This rate has nothing to do with any assumptions around ability to invest, but instead reflects awareness of my unearned privilege and the immense value, wisdom and magic that diverse perspectives bring to any community (especially one facilitated by a cisgendered white woman) .

“I am sure there is Magic in everything, only we have not sensed it enough to get a hold of it and make it do things for us”

― Frances Hodgson Burnett 
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