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welcome to the land of Radical magic. . . 

I assume you clicked and typed your way to this very page because at least part of you believes that more magic is possible.

In daily life.

In your relationship.

In your work in the world.

And I'm here to tell you that there TOTALLY is! 

But here's what I've realized. . . Even though I'm a self-proclaimed good witch who plays with crystals and oracle cards, does rituals with the moon, and communicates with dead people from time to time, those things actually aren't what have generated the greatest magic in my life and the lives of my clients.


The most expansive, mind-blowing and sustainable magic actually emerges through shifting, restructuring, healing and redefining our RELATIONSHIPS. . . to partners, friends and family, to higher guidance, to our bodies, and more than anything to OURSELVES.

We've ALL learned things from our early relationships that color our perspectives and expectations throughout our lives.

And good-bad news, those conditioned stories and experiences are likely still affecting you NOW!

Ugh. So annoyoing, right?! 


How we learned to love and be loved colors ALL of our relationships. . . including relationships with our bodies, our businesses, money, and of course with friends, coworkers and partners.


These patterns likely show up in MANY unexpected areas of your life.

So, here's the magical part: When you excavate the outdated stories that are still pulling the strings on your life

(most often on the unconscious level), you can radically CHANGE your life.


When you shift those core relational stories and invite your body to get on board with the new ones, EVERYTHING CHANGES (in the very best of ways!)

Curious what magic might be possible in your life?

Choose your own adventure. . . 

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