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Relationship guide, mentor, wisdom weaver
& radical Magic maker

I see you.

You're working hard. You know your shit. You're responsible. And you're doing a pretty great job of adulting.

Looking from the outside, you've got a life that most people think you "should" love. . . yet on the inside, there's that inner itch or tickle that won't go away. 

There's a nagging sense that you're missing something, that there's more possible for you. . . in life, in your work, in your relationships. You're unsettled in spite of your solid adulting. . . And the call for "more" won't leave you alone, no matter how hard you try to ignore it.

Your intuition seems to know something that your brain keeps blocking, so you put on the face of "I'm fine" and move through yet another day living a life you "should" love, but that doesn't truly excite you. . . in fact you may be at the point where it makes you feel sick or depressed to keep living your gloriously "fine" life.

I've been there.

I had the relationship, job, reputation and family life that looked great on the outside, but wasn't feeding & inspiring me enough on the inside.


I used my strong will to deny, diminish and ignore the voice inside that was trying to guide me.

I kept my intuition closeted for fear of being judged, kept my desires small for fear of being disappointed (again), and kept my passionate vision for my life and work in the world "reasonable" so that I didn't have to risk big failure. 

It was a LOT of work to sit on, deny and ignore that stuff!





I decided that small is not who I am. Good-bad news for me and my "responsible life."

I decided that life is too short to settle for "just fine" or "good enough." 

I decided that in spite of being a good little achiever who was great at "in the box living", I'm an "out of the box" gal. 

So, if no one else is saying in your life right now, I will. . . 

And then. . .
Magic. Is. Possible.

That uncomfortable inner itch is trying to show you the way. 

The nagging "irrational" desire that won't leave you alone is likely your most wise guide.

You're far more intuitive than you think. 

And peeling away the layers of learned "not you-ness" is the best way to attract magical opportunities to you.

And THAT is what I do.

I support brilliant people (like YOU). . .

in reconnecting with the unique magic of who you really are (because THAT is your superpower.)
in being brave while creating a life that is truly, joyfully and unapologetically YOURS.
in building relationships that are better, more loving, more fulfilling and more honest than you've ever experienced.
and in creating lives that are mind-blowingly MAGICAL! 

Are you ready?

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