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What is a mystermind?

I'm SO glad you asked!

First of all, let's start with what it isn't.


It's NOT a typical mastermind, a coaching group, or another 15 step course to improve your life, so take a breath and do your best to scrub away any expectations you may have about those things as you continue reading.


I created a NEW word for the experience because it feels like a NEW thing. . . And it's the "thing" I spent years looking for in the world (unsuccessfully), so I decided to create it myself!

I was tired of spaces that centered "experts" teaching only what worked for THEM, leaving me feeling like a failure because it didn't work for ME.

I was tired of having to go one place to honor my spiritual self and another to honor my big and expansive business or relationship visions. 

I was tired of being in spaces where everyone pretended they were "fine", when I could sense they were having MUCH more brutiful "humanity" happening beneath the surface. 


I was tired. . . 


Of pretending.


Of investing time, money and hopes. . . and being disappointed.


Of packing up and compartmentalizing parts of my humanity to show up in spaces that I *thought* would help me feel more inspired, free and able to succeed in ways that felt good.


I didn't want more EXPERT STRATEGY, I wanted more support with AUTHENTIC ALIGNMENT.

I didn't want to FIT IN (even though I was good at it). I wanted to truly BE KNOWN. . . and maybe, just maybe even BE CELEBRATED for the weird, quirky, passionate and wondrous human I am! (gasp!)

Sooooo. .  we do things differently in a Mystermind.

A Mystermind is a community-fueled, deeply transformational journey that helps YOU get to the root of things INSIDE so that you can conjure aligned magic and opportunity in the OUTSIDE world.


It is a journey that illuminates outdated narratives, clears unconscious blocks and loosens invisible binds that are keeping you stuck, small, and out of alignment.

It’s joyful, irreverent, deeply nourishing, spiritual, and fiercely loving.


It is a place to unpack your FULL humanity through the magic of true communityship.

It's a place to be seen and celebrated for who you REALLY are.

Here's the thing. . . 


We live in a culture that teaches us that fitting in is THE path to safety and success. And in a world built on the core values of systems of oppression (like competition, homogenization, hierarchy, and scarcity) it can feel VERY true. 

So we unknowingly consent to and participate in the very stories and systems we don't want to feed.

Ugh. It's tricky!


BUT, in the mindfully created culture of a Mystermind, we build a radically NEW, more authentically HUMANIZED playground to play on - One that celebrates where and who you are, that honors each member's gifts and wisdom, and that unapologetically weaves intuition, energy science and grounded mysticism throughout the process. 

We believe in making PRACTICAL MAGIC rooted in RADICALLy different stories


We believe that unpacking unique brilliance is the path toward truly aligned success.

We believe that "fitting in" is overrated, and that being seen and valued for our diverse gifts and authentic essence is medicine. 

We believe that intentional relationships ARE a powerful healing modality.

We believe that "going it alone" is not only ineffective and lonely, but that it is one of the main reasons we get stuck in fear, anxiety, loneliness and shame. And while those experiences are universal, they DO NOT lead to empowerment.

We believe that weaving and amplifying the wisdom of the community is far more powerful (and magical) than buying into a single "expert opinion."

And we believe that creating big lives and nurturing paradigm-shifting visions require far more than 2 hands to hold them up.

We believe in making BIG, MIND-BLOWING MAGIC, so we're approaching it in RADICALLY NEW WAYS.

lonliness isn't about being alone. . . it's about FEELING ALONE.



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